and history

of craftmen

Passion, expectation, tradition

For three generations, architects, cabinetmakers and real estate agents have been working as true partners and exchanging their know-how.

The Atelier du Parquet could be just another ordinary company like many others, spending the energy of its men covering floors with wooden boards. The truth is quite different. Passion, high standards and tradition are the key words that drive Jean-Philippe MICHEL and his craftsmen every day.  In constant consultation with the various parties involved, who decide and choose, knowing their trade and their customers perfectly, Jean-Philippe and his team bring the experience of the specialist to bear in guiding them towards a particular material or technique.
« We are judged on our ability to understand the end customer through the decoration planned for the place we have to work on. Beyond the purely manual act, the essence of our approach is to perceive what lies behind our partner’s wishes. »

Jean-Philippe MICHEL

◦ high end parquet ◦ custom design ◦ wood engineering ◦ carpentry ◦ custom built


of l'atelier

We work closely with each customer to make sure we design the perfect space for them.

The story
of L’Atelier

Expertise – Family company

L’Atelier du Parquet is much more than a parquet laying company.

Since 1929, the passion for wood has been passed on from generation to generation. Jean Philippe Michel is the grandson of a cabinetmaker and the son of a carpenter. For 30 years he has chosen to perpetuate this family heritage and to keep the Atelier du Parquet alive.

L’Atelier du Parquet is much more than a parquet installation company, it cultivates “the art of producing differently”, the craft know-how for a made-to-measure parquet and is a true creator of atmosphere.

With almost a century of experience in woodworking, we have a perfect command of woodworking and parquet techniques, from the most traditional to the most modern, so that we can always adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers.